Some spirits have specific color associations. Where applicable, these preferences are included in encyclopedia entries. Altars, offerings, gifts, and candles may be color-coordinated to suit spirits. In other words, if a spirit’s sacred color is identified as blue, then burn blue candles or decorate an altar with a blue cloth.

Different colors are understood as mystically representing different needs and desires, and so colors are also coordinated with needs and desires of petitioners, especially with regard to burning candles. Following is a list of standard color associations, but remember, magic and spirituality are intensely personal. If you possess your own associations, then use your own language of colors.

* Black: fertility, protection against malevolent forces, healing of chronic illnesses

* Blue: peace, tranquility, protection, healing of addictions, psychic and emotional pain

* Brown: justice, legal issues, healing fatigue and wasting illnesses

* Green: growth, prosperity, abundance, employment, physical healing, especially cancer

* Purple: sex, power, lust, spiritual growth and ecstasy

* Red: luck, love, good fortune, fertility, banishment of negative entities, protection, healing blood ailments and female reproductive disorders

* Pink: love, romance, requests for healing children

* White: creativity, forgiveness, new projects*

* Yellow: romance, love, sex, growth, prosperity, good fortune, abundance

(See also: Maximon.)