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The Charmer; Mother of Divination; My DarlingNaamah, ancient and mysterious spirit, is a sometime ally, sometime rival, sometime traveling companion of Lilith. Like Lilith, she takes many forms: Naamah is a demon, an angel (albeit of prostitution), and a primordial goddess.The Kabbalah describes … Continue reading


Also known as: NeboNabu is the Babylonian lord of wisdom and writing, introduced to Mesopotamia by the Amorites, a powerful Western Semitic nation. Nabu originally served as Marduk’s scribe, but they were incorporated into the Baby lonian pantheon as father (Marduk) and son (Nabu). Nabu is the … Continue reading

Naddaha, Al

The CallerOrigin: EgyptAl Naddaha literally means “the caller,” but the word is also translated as “Siren,” meaning a deadly mermaid. Al Naddaha, a spirit of the Nile, is an Egyptian urban legend. It is unclear exactly when she first emerged, but she became particularly notorious in the … Continue reading


Origin: IndiaAlso known as: Naginis (females)Naga means “snake,” and the Nagas are a vast class of powerful snake spirits featured in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythology and beloved by independent practitioners, too. They are pre-Hindu, tribal spirits renowned for their beauty, wisdom, and … Continue reading

Naga Kanya

Cobra WomanOrigin: IndiaNaga Kanya, famous Naga goddess, is a benevolent spirit who bestows treasure of all kinds (material, romantic, spiritual, and esoteric). Naga Kanya is petitioned for rain during drought, and happiness when that is in short supply.There may be one Naga Kanya, or Naga Kanya … Continue reading


Origin: GreeceNaiads are fresh-water Nymphs. Theoret ically each spring, well, fountain, lake, pond, or river is home to at least one Naiad. Naiads also reside in areas near or dominated by water. Their name is related to a Greek verb meaning “to flow.” They are weaving spirits, indicating that … Continue reading


The Striker; Causer of DownfallOrigin: HausaClassification: BoriNakada, son of Malam Alhaji, renounced Islam and was banished from his father’s home. He now lives in the Ninth House of Bori Spirits, the House of Pagans. Nakada is an extremely important spirit because he is the last one summoned … Continue reading


The Liposuction VampireAlso known as: PishtacoThe Nakaq is an Andean vampire except that instead of sucking blood, he extracts fat. If he lived in the United States and if only his attacks weren’t fatal, victims might be lining up for him rather than attempting to elude him.The Nakaq, a figure of … Continue reading


Our Grandmother Growth; The Little Old OneAlso known as: Takutsi NakawéOrigin: HuicholThe Huichol are an indigenous people of Mexico now famous worldwide for their complex, shamanic religion, which fascinates anthropologists and for their beautiful artwork, much coveted by collectors. Nakawé is … Continue reading


Origin: PolynesiaNamaka, Ocean Goddess, is the child of Haumea and Ku and is volcano goddess Pelé’s older sister. Conflict with Namaka was the primary reason for Pelé’s migration to Hawaii. Tahiti, their birthplace, wasn’t big enough for both these powerful, turbulent goddesses. Different … Continue reading