These are lit to honor spirits, request favors, communicate with them, repay favors, and fulfill vows. Candles may be burned plain and unembellished with no added ritual, but many magical traditions encourage personalizing candles so that the message they deliver is more potent and specific.


  1. Choose an appropriate candle. Focus on goals/desires throughout the entire process.

  2. Address the spirit while holding the candle in your hands. Explain the purpose of this candle: Is it simply to honor the spirit, a gift with no strings attached? Is it part of a request process, repayment, or fulfillment of a vow? Whatever it is, just state its purpose in simple, clear language.

  3. The candle may now be burned or further embellished. (In magical parlance, this is called dressing the candle.) Let your desires and creativity be your guide. Any or all of the following steps may be taken to dress the candle before burning:

    * Carve words or symbols into the candle. These words or symbols might identify you, the spirit, or someone on whose behalf you are requesting favors. Prayers, psalms, or sacred images (runes, sigils, vèvès) may be incorporated.

    * Add fragrance: rub the candle with oils. Some spirits have favored fragrances. Specific formula oils indicating special needs also exist: oils to draw money, love, or healing. Some manufacturers, both large-scale and artisanal, create special blends intended to invoke and honor specific spirits.

    * Oil will make the candle sticky: it can now be rolled in herbs or glitter as desired.