Origin: Hawaii

Kahoupokane is a snow goddess; presiding spirit of Hawaii’s Mount Hualalai. She is the sister of fellow snow spirits, Poliahu, Lilinoe and Waiau. All are Pelé’s enemies but Kahoupokane has a particularly interesting, competitive relationship with Pelé as Kahoupokane is simultaneously a snow goddess and a fiery volcano spirit. Kahoupo kane controls the snows on Mount Hualalai, westernmost volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although it has not erupted since 1801, it is not dormant. Should Kahoupo kane ever feel like rekindling her rivalry with Pelé, her volcano will erupt.

Kahoupokane is reputedly an expert tapa (bark) cloth maker. Thunder is the sound of her beating the cloth. She is venerated alongside her sisters but not alongside Pelé.

Sacred site: Kona Airport is built over her 1801 lava flow

See also: Lilinoe; Pelé; Poliahu; Waiau