Also known as: Basajaun; Homme de Bouc (French: literally “Goat Man”)

Origin: Basque

Basa-Jaun lives high in the caves and forests of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. He enjoysthe company of shepherds. At night, at least in the old days, he would join them at their fire, drink, eat, and talk with them. In exchange for politeness and generosity, he protects goats and sheep. Basa-Jaun is a trickster who enjoys pranks and practical jokes but is also credited as a primordial teacher, the one who first taught local people agricultural and iron-working skills. He is in Mari’s entourage.

Manifestations: He may be a shape-shifter; descriptions vary. He is compared to a faun or satyr, a horned goat-man spirit. Others describe him as resembling a Dwarf or brownie.

Consort: Basa-Andre

Animals: Goat, sheep

Offerings: He likes simple shepherd’s food, especially dairy products: cheese, clotted milk. Offer him a strong drink: he probably won’t refuse.

See also: Akerbeltz; Dwarf; Fawn; Mari (1)