WORRALL, AMBROSE [1899–1972]

British-born clairvoyant who became well known for healing with his American wife, Olga Worrall.

Worrall was a gifted psychic from an early age, claiming that he could see the spirits of the dead in his bedroom. As a teenager he discovered that he could project himself out of body to visit others at night. During World War I he began to see impending deaths clairvoyantly; a small thin skeleton would float over someone’s head along with a number to indicate the length of the remaining lifespan. Throughout his adulthood Worrall felt compelled to heal. He explained that he felt an invisible force, eight inches in diameter, emerge from his solar plexis and protrude about ten inches in front of him, and that this force literally dragged him towards people in pain and in need of healing.

In 1922 Worrall moved to the United States for a better way of life and began to work as an engineer for the Martin Company. People began to ask him for healing and he was astonished to find that most of those he touched were cured or significantly improved. In 1927 Worrall met Olga. He felt they had known each other before in a previous life and the two were married in June 1928.

In his healing work Worrall never knew what he was going to do, waiting for his intuition or the force from his solar plexis to direct him. He believed the healing power originated from the universal life force. He called it ‘paraelectricity’ because he believed it had electrical properties.

From 1929 Worrall began to devote himself more to the healing ministry set up by himself and his wife. Like his wife he was always aware of spirit presences and believed they were instrumental in the healing process, directing healing energy to the patient using him as a channel. One particular entity that manifested to him was a seven-foot tall Native Indian called XYZ. XYZ directed Olga to find a new home in Baltimore, where they established a healing centre.

After his death in 1972 Worrall allegedly began communicating with his wife Olga. He told her that his transition to the other side had been made easier with the help of XYZ. He also told her he would continue to help her in spirit and add to her healing power, and that many doctors, nurses, surgeons and healers were helped in a similar manner by other spirits.